Version 4.2 Privacy Policy and new version

October 2, 2019

Welsh Lessons has a very simple privacy policy – it does not collect any data on you.

Version 4.2 is a quick release, because the app suddenly started crashing in the latest version of iOS (v13.1). It has been fixed, so if you download v4.2, it should stop crashing.

Version 3.1 – iPad version added, rest updated

December 17, 2012

Version 3 changed the appearance of the app on all devices, and in version 3.1, I have finally made a separate version for iPad instead of it just being a big version of the iPhone App.

Please do email me if you have any problems with or comments on this version – either from Settings within the iPhone App, or to

I have seen one review on iTunes saying it crashes, but without further details (device, version of iOS, contact email) am unable to help. As I have tested on iOS 5 and 6, I am confident in general that it works, and my default suggestion would be to delete and reinstall.


No sound on my iPhone / iPad

October 14, 2012

This is easily the most common complaint. Without exception, the answer so far has been to turn off the mute button on your device. Apps such as iTunes ignore the mute button (assuming you would not ask it to play something unless you wanted sound), but I believe correct behaviour for Welsh Lessons is to obey it – you asked for your device to be quiet, and learning Welsh is certainly something that can be done quietly.


Version 2.0 released

August 5, 2011

I have completely rewritten Welsh Lessons, adding different ways to look at the lesson, and new sorts of tests that let you practice on all lessons up to a chosen lesson (e.g. lessons 1-12 if that is how far you have got).

I hope  you will think it is a big improvement. One person so far has had a problem with running the software on their device – if you have problems, please mail me too at

Welsh Lessons available again

January 11, 2011

After being unavailable for a week in early January, Welsh Lessons is in the iTunes App Store again.

For some still unexplained reason, Apple had deleted my paid apps contract after 18 months, and then made Welsh Lessons unavailable because I didn’t have a contract. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What no Welsh Lessons? Not my fault!

January 6, 2011

Almost the same time that I made my last post, it seems that Apple took “Welsh Lessons” out of the iTunes store. I only discovered this a couple of days ago and have complained to them – no answer as yet.

I do not believe it is anything I did, neither is it because of content. It seems to coincide with my renewal of my Apple Developer Licence, so I assume it is merely incompetence on their part, which will be rectified soon…

2010 News

December 31, 2010

First of all, a happy New Year to the 10,000 of you who have downloaded Welsh Lessons!

When I first wrote it, I thought a couple of hundred people might be interested in learning some Welsh phrases on an iPod – I never expected the kind of numbers there have been.

The experience has led to Neil Taylor and myself working with CBAC (aka the WJEC in my day…) to make a companion App for their Cwrs Mynediad Welsh Learning course. That came out in August this year, and has taken much of the time and effort  that I might have spent on “Welsh Lessons”. However, if you really want to learn Welsh, I’m convinced that “Cwrs Mynediad” is the way to go. Check the link from within Welsh Lessons.

I have managed to bring out a couple of updates in 2010, including v1.5 which restored the ability to run on older iPhone devices.

Blwyddyn newydd dda to all Welsh Lesson learners.

1.5 is in the approval process

December 1, 2010

I forgot to post here when I released 1.4 in August – it added two more chapters, plus other phrases such as Merry Christmas.

Major drawback was that it also stopped “Welsh Lessons” from working on early devices (iPod Touch first gen). I have just released 1.5, having finally figured out how to make it work on old versions of IOS.

I also added a link to, which is a new comprehensive iPhone App Welsh beginners textbook based on the Adult Learners material from CBAC.

v1.3 was out before Christmas – where’s the next one?

March 29, 2010

It’s been a very busy three months since my last release, but I’ve been both working on and thinking about v1.4 occasionally and hope to get it out soon.

It should have the following:

1) Extra lessons/words

I will be following the suggestion to add a separate lesson on colours – I’ll move them out of “Adjectives” and add some more, and add new adjectives.

I’ve added some new words (Merry Christmas, happy birthday, I love you) to lesson 2.

I’ve corrected chicken in lesson 16.

I would have released all this, but need to record Llinos saying all the new words authoritatively.

If anyone has a good suggestion for lesson 20, please tell me soon.

2) I have added gestures to move through the lesson – this is already released for the free version: has anyone tried it there?

3) I will fix the iPhone sound so that it works even if the ringer is off.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

4) If I have time, I will include links to other Welsh learning resources such as geriadur-ar-lein.

V1.2 out -working on 1.3

September 19, 2009

Yay – the iTunes store has finally approved 1.2, and I’m working on 1.3.

Adding two new lessons on Common Verbs and on Adjectives.

Adding female North Wales voice choice (thanks, Llinos).

Adding better control of volume on iPhone – I only have an iPod Touch, but have just spend all the income from “Welsh Lessons” on an iPhone, and when it comes I will upgrade how sound is done. It seems to be that if you have the ringer OFF then you get no sound…

I don’t have any great inspiration for more lessons at the moment  (I have half a lesson on countryside things but that’s all). If you have inspiration, please share it!