Suggest extra subjects / words

The hardest part of this program for me was thinking of categories. Is there a category you would like to see or a word you would like added to a category – please reply with  ideas.


8 Responses to “Suggest extra subjects / words”

  1. Julie Warmington Says:

    Hi Chris. Found this as directed on your email thanks! I was thinking that “Colours” might be a useful category? And perhaps “Animals”, “Transport”, “Family” (eg brother, sister, Grandad etc), “In the town (eg bank, supermarket, house, office) /In the country” (eg tree, cottage, fields, river). I am an infant teacher so am trying to think of things we have in our books for pupils with English as a second language! I will try to think of some more if I can.

  2. chrisinaber Says:

    Great ideas, Julie.

    You described my general process so far – the problem is that I can’t just look at someone else’s book and take their words, so I’ve been trying to think in general from my experience what are good categories. I like your choices, and I’ll have a go at filling those categories.

    I might have to expend my welsh vocab to do it though – not sure I go beyond ci, cath, cwningen, broga, mochen (and even then I’ll need to check the spelling).

  3. engagewith Says:

    Hi, really like the app, how about ‘learner statements’ I.e I’m just a learner, can you say that again slower, i’m not very good yet, sorry I don’t understand etc. Cheers, Jo

    • chrisinaber Says:

      Nice idea – when v1.1 comes out (get on with it, Apple), you’ll have “I’m sorry” and “I don’t understand”, I’ll add a couple more to that lesson.

  4. Neil Says:

    Some proposed additions to the days would be to cover nights too.

  5. neilco Says:

    I bought the app today (great idea!) and found a bug: the app terminates when I select Seventeen from the Numbers category. Happens every time.

  6. neilco Says:

    I thought the crash might be caused by a missing resource, but I checked the app bundle and un-deg-saith.aif is there.

    • chrisinaber Says:

      No, it’s caused by an extra “.” – it looks for “un-deg-saith..aif”. It’s fixed in 1.1 – if only Apple would approve it! 1.0 took just over a week to get approved, and tomorrow is the equivalent day for 1.1…

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