Version 1.1 in the works

Always resist those last little tweaks – I updated a phrase just before the original release, and it “looked OK”. In fact, I put a resource file in the wrong place, and lesson 2 is really lesson 3. Nothing like discovering that while waiting for version 1 to release to spoil your day.

V1.1 is in the iTunes system, but will take a little time to get passed by Apple. Sorry about that.


4 Responses to “Version 1.1 in the works”

  1. Craig Munn Says:

    Hi, I love the idea behind this app, will be great for a beginner/refresher course. I can’t wait for Apple to approve the fix, am intrigued what the common phrases will be. Would be great to keep adding to the app as you think of/get feedback of new phrases. Keep up the good work!

    • chrisinaber Says:

      Thanks, Craig,

      I am intending to add more words as people suggest them, so if you have any you’d like..

      Lesson 2 has:

      Please Os gwelwch yn dda
      Thank you Diolch
      I’m sorry Mae’n ddrwg gen i
      You’re welcome Croeso
      Excuse me Esgusodwch fi
      I would like… Hoffwn i…
      Yes (I am) Ydw
      Yes (you are) Ydych
      Yes (he/she is) Ydy
      No (I am not) Nac ydw
      No (you are not) Nac ydych
      No (he/she is not) Nac ydy
      I don’t know Wn i ddim
      I don’t understand Dw i ddim yn deall
      I don’t care Dim ots ‘da fi
      What a pity Dyna drueni
      Tonight Heno
      Last night Neithiwr
      Today Heddiw
      Yesterday Ddoe
      Tomorrow Yfory



  2. Rob Says:

    Cannot hear any sound with the app ?

    • chrisinaber Says:

      Hi Rob

      I assume you are on an iPhone.

      If you have the ringer off or the sound turned down, then I leave it like that. The volume slider on the settings inside the app works within the volume you have chosen to give your iPhone. Try turning on the ringer, turning up the volume.

      I may change this in v1.4.



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