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Version 1.2 nearly ready

August 16, 2009

While waiting for version 1.1 to appear (hooray!-finally out), I’ve been working on 1.2. I’ve re-recorded all sounds, and am making them mp3s instead of AIFFs – the way I used to do sound only worked with AIFFs, but I’ve changed it. It now only takes up about a fifth of the space that it used to take up on your iPod/iPhone.

I’ve also added lessons 13 (Family) and 14 (Animals), and sound to the Practice screen, and I’ve added a Settings tab so that you can turn practice words off, and a volume control.

I’m planning on adding a female voice choice, but have not done the recordings yet and so that will have to wait.

As long as I get it finished this week, my guess is that v1.2 will be available to you in early September. Keep the suggestions coming for v1.3.