V1.2 out -working on 1.3

Yay – the iTunes store has finally approved 1.2, and I’m working on 1.3.

Adding two new lessons on Common Verbs and on Adjectives.

Adding female North Wales voice choice (thanks, Llinos).

Adding better control of volume on iPhone – I only have an iPod Touch, but have just spend all the income from “Welsh Lessons” on an iPhone, and when it comes I will upgrade how sound is done. It seems to be that if you have the ringer OFF then you get no sound…

I don’t have any great inspiration for more lessons at the moment  (I have half a lesson on countryside things but that’s all). If you have inspiration, please share it!




2 Responses to “V1.2 out -working on 1.3”

  1. Steph Says:

    Hi, I’m having problems with the audio (which I think is essential for attempting to pronounce the words accurately). Any ideas? And yes, the volume on my I-phone is switched on and turned up to the max!

  2. chrisinaber Says:

    Thanks, Steph,

    If it is what I think it is, I probably should have done something about this, or at least documented it here.

    I originally developed Welsh Lessons when I only had an iPod Touch, so volume was not an issue.

    I think you have the volume on full, but the ringer OFF. In that case, apps have to do something to make noise, and need to turn it off again on exit – try turning the ringer on.

    I have the code to make this work, just need to add it next version. Which reminds me that I should post the state of the next update…



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