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v1.3 was out before Christmas – where’s the next one?

March 29, 2010

It’s been a very busy three months since my last release, but I’ve been both working on and thinking about v1.4 occasionally and hope to get it out soon.

It should have the following:

1) Extra lessons/words

I will be following the suggestion to add a separate lesson on colours – I’ll move them out of “Adjectives” and add some more, and add new adjectives.

I’ve added some new words (Merry Christmas, happy birthday, I love you) to lesson 2.

I’ve corrected chicken in lesson 16.

I would have released all this, but need to record Llinos saying all the new words authoritatively.

If anyone has a good suggestion for lesson 20, please tell me soon.

2) I have added gestures to move through the lesson – this is already released for the free version: has anyone tried it there?

3) I will fix the iPhone sound so that it works even if the ringer is off.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

4) If I have time, I will include links to other Welsh learning resources such as geriadur-ar-lein.