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Welsh Lessons available again

January 11, 2011

After being unavailable for a week in early January, Welsh Lessons is in the iTunes App Store again.

For some still unexplained reason, Apple had deleted my paid apps contract after 18 months, and then made Welsh Lessons unavailable because I didn’t have a contract. Sorry for any inconvenience.


What no Welsh Lessons? Not my fault!

January 6, 2011

Almost the same time that I made my last post, it seems that Apple took “Welsh Lessons” out of the iTunes store. I only discovered this a couple of days ago and have complained to them – no answer as yet.

I do not believe it is anything I did, neither is it because of content. It seems to coincide with my renewal of my Apple Developer Licence, so I assume it is merely incompetence on their part, which will be rectified soon…